How to Get 5 Leads per Day on Instagram

Hey, guys, I am going to talk about how to get 5 leads per day. Now a lot of people are starting to move towards Instagram, and the reason for that is it’s starting to flood the market on social media you know recently they found that the younger generation is now checking Instagram before they’re checking their Facebook pretty phenomenal and stuff.

I fully believe, the reason for that is that it’s so obviously imaging friendly people can interact here. You can do cool things with your in images it’s very creative you can post videos here, so a lot of the younger generation likes this. And it’s starting to become popular with any generation.

So I thought that I should talk about this and I give you guys some tips. Now that you know this is a mobile application, so you want to make sure that you download Instagram on your phone. If you haven’t already and just play around there’s going to be some things that maybe I talked about in this article that you won’t be able to see because it’ll only be on your mobile but he’s just playing around with it download the app play around gift to Miller and start posting on here so this room on Instagram right here and as you can see the images that I’ve created are pretty big they stand out okay and there are a few different apps that you can use to make your stand out for instance.

There’s an app called picplaypost I absolutely love that one you can actually do videos on there as well again that’s pic Play-Doh and you can download that on Instagram itself when you post a photo on there there’s a lot of cool and make it really pop but real quick here are some ways to start generating some leads and prospecting tips so this is my Instagram obviously and I’m showing you on the laptop it’s not going to be the same on mobile but what you can do on your mobile device like if I click my homepage these are all the people that I know and I can see all their stuff that’s going on so I can comment on their pictures I can follow them and so forth through the the thing about Instagram is when you post a link it is not clickable you can not make it quick I’m also people it has to be a very simple link that people can type into their Facebook and go to or type into their computer I mean and go to so what you want to get really really good at getting people to follow you and interactions because the more you have of that the more people will really want to see exactly.

What you’re up to so here’s a couple of things you can either go on your mobile application and you can go to the little star image on the bottom, and you can start searching for hashtags if you look here there’s most everyone when they post a picture always has a hashtag at the end and the hashtag makes it easy to search for whatever that the category of that picture is true so like this one is hashtag wife you know that lets see draw this one looking for some good ones here okay this one’s hashtag internet marketing home based business so if you put the little house right in front of it hashtag network marketing when you search that on your mobile application when you go to the little store at the bottom and search for let’s say you’re searching for internet marketing your business if you hashtag it when you’re doing the description of your picture that’ll come up so make sure that you’re doing that when you are posting your pictures another thing you really want to make sure that you’re doing is actively reaching LOL and building your follower so there are a couple of different ways you can do that you can either go to your Instagram on your desktop or your mobile go to your followers and start looking at his liking your stuff okay so here are there 21 people that like this picture so I can click on any one of these so I click on there and I follow him Statigram it’s Statigram okay and what this does is it allows you just to keep track of your house around and down.


you know make it a little more desktop friendly if you will so what you can do on here as you can go to my father once you sign up for Statigram again that’s Statigram OK, or you can just Google stuff, and it’ll come up and these are all my followers so I can see them right here it’s easier maybe to message them here comment on their stuff for your losses you’re on your mobile device and maybe I’m going to come over to Caesar and follow back okay I can do that you hook it up with your Instagram I can’t believe I wasn’t falling, Caesar that’s retarded of me he’s awesome so you want to follow back like he’s got a website on here, so I can click on it see what he’s up to and that’s one more thing I want to point to is on your Instagram always want to make sure that you have your website of some form on there so when people look you up you can click on it so I can send him a message via Statigram okay.


I can look at all this moment on it, so Instagram is becoming really really popular some excellent stuff on here look these are pictures from Ireland Ireland was Caesar amazing leaders and amazing people I highly suggest following them exclusive Instagram they have some really fun and cool pictures that they do so this is just some cool things that you can do and if you follow this, and you’re posting every day and you’re also reaching out every day you will get upwards of five if not 20 leads per single day so love you guys hope you’re having amazing April Fool’s Day if you have him check out my husband’s video go to he’s got a fantastic prospecting tactic for you that he put together just for April fools you want to make sure you check that out at it’s pretty impressive, to say the least, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next training if you have an amazing weekend I will talk to you soon. If you want to get more and more leads daily then keep learning about how to get more followers on Instagram free.

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