Instagram Follower Strategies for Personal & Business


As we all know that many people are famous on Instagram or they have millions of followers on their account. Here I’m gonna share my Instagram follower strategies with you guys step by step. I’m going to share with you some hacks to get more likes and followers on your Instagram. I’m gone focused on some hacks on just Instagram followers. After following my strategies, this is going to be our year guys.  I can tell we’re going to go far on Instagram and our goal is 5,000 subscribers by the end of 2017. For some people, Instagram followers and likes are not everything it’s just numbers, but some of you of likes would like to have more Info likes
and followers. So I’m going to be sharing with you some ways to do that without the further audience.


Apps for Instagram:

One of the worst things I’m going to be showing you is an app I’ve not sponsored it. But it’s the app I think is gone useful for you guys as I have already used it. It is called the best apple of time and basically how these app works is it’s going to give you the best time to upload your picture of that day. This app just you open up the app, and then it says whatever day it is and then it has the time that you should upload your picture of that.

When I first use this app it does work the most liked picture on my Instagram I use this app it got over three
hundred likes.  So and I don’t like it like at that time I think it was for getting likes. I’m pretty sure that it works the second thing that you can do for getting more likes on Instagram.

Color for picture:

According to my insight on social media if you are using the color blue for the picture mean the background is blue. Like the main color of the picture is blue it is said to get 24% more engagement on the picture. So that’s right a lot so use blue to get more like awesome.

Days to upload picture:

According to social media the best days to upload our picture is Mondays and Thursdays. It’s the things happen to get the most likes on pictures.  so it will be good to get more likes on picture we  post like a weekly thing.

Power of Hashtags:

I’m going to be sharing with you is the power of hashtags this is another way to get more followers and likes. And just overall engagement on your Instagram is to be using hashtags but do not go overboard with this. Like some people used to oh my god it is bad but usually hashtags will obviously help more people find your Instagram posts great. So just find the most used hashtags on Instagram in your market and use them to grow.

Instagram captions:

Okay, so this next one I found out I was very surprised by it because I don’t really know why it happens but it has been shown if you mention someone in the caption of your Instagram post. Your engagement will go up by 56% that is a lot of percent to attitude. for example, if it’s a picture of you and one of your friends instead of just tagging them in the post you should also make sure that you are putting in the caption.

Active on Instagram:

next one I think a lot of people forget about but it really helps is that is to make sure that you’re staying active on Instagram. I’ve also noticed this with Instagram-like if you totally go without posting for a month your likes are going to drop and people are going to unfollow because you’re not
staying active

Picture quality:
really bad quality picture it’s messy keep on one of the scroll. Make sure if you can take your pictures with a camera to do that and also like of course like iPhone cameras look pretty good.

Location geo tag:

So just keep that in mind if you put a location or geo tag on a picture it’s shown to get 79% for engagement 79 that is like the biggest change ever. Because people go through the different locations but you also keep in mind that is a little dangerous because it’ll pinpoint exactly where you are.So just keep that in mind what are you doing that it could be dangerous.

So yeah alright guys those are all the ways that you’re going to get more likes and followers on your Instagram .

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