Instagram New Video Feature

Hey, everyone, we are here again with an Instagram new killer feature for other social media. If you are using Instagram,  they just released a brand new update called stories and if that sounds familiar that’s  because it is it’s just like Snapchat. I’m going to discuss the Instagram new feature, so you can become famous on the internet by just getting active Instagram followers.


This feature only can work if you update your Instagram so if we’ update the app we should be able to see these new circles at the top which are the Instagram stories. So if you click on a story you’ll see that its start playing. And these video will disappears after 24/hours just like Snapchat stories.

Adding Doodle and Text:

We can add doodle and write text on it if we click on the right half of the screen we can skip forward and the left half of the screen we can skip backward we can see there’s kind of a progress bar.

On the top,  we can see the video duration like how long is our story is. If you want to create your own story just hit this new plus button in the top left corner you can add as many as video or pictures to your story.

We can add different color or marks on our video, it includes filters and other options too. Doodling and drawing on your story. You can add emojis as well and then pinch and drag color of your text and place it wherever you want.

Saving for later use:

If you want to save it for later you can hit that button in the corner. Or if you want to post it to your story you just hit that button in the middle.

Adding filter:

Now adding filters can swipe left and right to add different Instagram filters onto your story.

Checking the viewers:

 And if we click on the bottom we can actually see who viewed it and how many people viewed. It if you click on the settings wheel you can actually choose to hide your story from certain people. and say who can message you from it.

Viewing other people stories:

Now if we go to someone’s profile they have a colored ring around their profile picture if they have a story up. We need to click it and view their current story so that’s pretty much Instagram’s  new stories feature.

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